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About Me

I have lived in the Borough since the age of 16, having been born in Essex and educated at Brentwood School, before going on to Loughborough University, where I did both my BA (Hons) and MSc courses in European Studies, Languages and International Relations.

I was first elected to Brentwood Borough Council in 2004 for the Hutton North Ward, snatching the seat from the Lib Dems. I was re-elected in 2008, doubling my previous majority. I have since been re-elected in 2012 and 2016. Over the years, I have held various positions on the Council as Chairman of the Planning Committee and Highways Panel, before being elected Leader of the Authority in May 2009, as the youngest ever female Council Leader in the Country.

In May 2017, I was elected to Essex County Council for the Brentwood Hutton division and was immediately brought on to the cabinet as Member for Finance and Resources. 

Professionally, I spent a number of years in the City and established my own consultancy company, which works with businesses to reduce costs, manage projects and lead change and transformation. I am using my skills in this area to cut waste, improve services and provide better value for money at both the Borough and County Councils. In addition, my experience in the family business has also provided me with a good understanding of both the corporate and small business worlds and the challenges that come with both.

With strong values, I have always lived by the notions of hard work and being self sufficient, whilst working together to help others who may need it. I am committed to supporting a number of charities, with a specific interest in Brainwave ChildrenÂ’s Charity, which helps children with delayed development and the Meningitis Trust. 

Married with two young sons, I spend most of my spare time enjoying being with them. I also like going to the cinema, socialising with friends, watching rugby and swimming. I was a keen hockey player in years gone by and would love to return to it one day, when I have more time!

Best Wishes

Leader of Brentwood Borough Council 
Leader of Brentwood Conservative Councillors Group
Hutton North Ward Member
County Councillor for Brentwood Hutton Division
County Council Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources 



Email: Louise.mckinlay@brentwood.gov.uk  (Brentwood Council Business)
Louise@LouiseMcKinlay.co.uk  ( Conservative Party business)
Cllr.Louise.McKinlay@essex.gov.uk ( ECC business) 



Promoted by Sandy Tanner on behalf of Louise McKinlay both at 19, Crown Street, Brentwood, Essex, CM144BA