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Welcome to my website.
As both Leader of Brentwood Borough Council and County Councillor for the Brentwood Hutton division, I want to ensure that I am accessible and easy to contact. 
This website is just one of a number of ways in which I communicate and I hope you will find the site a useful way to learn more about what is going on here in Brentwood and more generally across Essex and what I and my councillor colleagues are doing.  
These continue to be tough times for local government but with challenges, also come opportunities. Across Essex and locally, here in Brentwood, we are seizing these with both hands and delivering on the ambition of improving the lives of residents. 
A number of key projects are underway in our Borough. From the Town Hall Community Hub, which will see us share the building with a number of other public sector partners, including the Police to the Town Centre Project, that aims to revitalise our High Street and the surrounding area. In addition, we are progressing the Local Development Plan, that identifies sites for housing and business growth over the next twenty years. The Leisure Strategy is also now underway and is looking at how we can best meet the Borough's future needs. 


Strengthening our community and providing efficient public services are at the heart of what I believe in. I continue to work to deliver this whilst keeping council tax down as low as possible. ( Brentwood's portion of the Council Tax bill was lower in 2016/2017 than it was in 2010!)

I play a very active role as the local borough councillor for Hutton North and across my wider County Council Division. I have worked closely with residents and Parish Councils on a number of issues such as securing the future of Hutton Community Centre, tackling flytipping, working to protect open spaces from unauthorised traveller incursions and supporting individuals or groups who do so much for our community. 

If you would like to contact me or would like to know how you can get involved locally, please get in touch, I would be delighted to hear from you! 


Best Wishes

Leader of Brentwood Borough Council 
Leader of Brentwood Conservative Councillors Group
Hutton North Ward Member
County Councillor for Brentwood Hutton Division
County Council Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources 



Email: Louise.mckinlay@brentwood.gov.uk  (Brentwood Council Business)
Louise@LouiseMcKinlay.co.uk  ( Conservative Party business)
Cllr.Louise.McKinlay@essex.gov.uk ( ECC business) 



Promoted by Sandy Tanner on behalf of Louise McKinlay both at 19, Crown Street, Brentwood, Essex, CM144BA